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Bounce Rate

Bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors entering the site and leaving immediately.


Conversion rate

Conversion rate in digital marketing means the rate at which site visitors turn into paying customers.



mCommerce, as known as mobile-commerce, refers to the use of mobile devide to conduct commercial transactions online.


Brick and Mortar 實體店

Traditional business offering products or services through face-to-face interaction, with a physical store that the business possesses. This is often regarded as a type of business in a more traditional path. Some may consider converting some of their sales online.

傳統企業實體店面對面互動來提供產品或服務。在2020, 更多人會考慮在線轉換部分銷售。


The technique of showing similar products to customers in order to increase sales in related products.

Upselling 是指向客戶展示相似產品以增加相關產品銷售的技術。

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